Hey. Thanks for stepping in while James is away!

Great lesson on fills. 

Leo Spanswick

A privilege to play in the same band as you over the weekend.


Your session with Dino Baptiste was stunning!!!!


If anyone is looking for the right man to teach the drums, look no further.


Thanks, Dave. 
Mike Kilgour

My son has special educational needs and is on the autistic spectrum.  He is adopted and suffered severe neglect in his birth family until he was removed at the age of 3, the consequences being that he has attachment disorder and social/communication difficulties.  He also has foetal alcohol syndrome which has affected his ability to access mainstream schooling.  My son attended drumming lessons with David for about 3 years.  He has natural rhythm and enjoyed his lessons very much because David gave him the opportunity to express himself in a secure environment.  David was extremely understanding of my son's difficulties.  He treated my son with respect, giving him the ideas and opportunities to be involved in his learning programme and he guided my son at his own pace and without pressure.  Rewards and certificates were generously provided but above all, kindness and patience were the key to David's approach.  I would not hesitate to recommend David as a drumming teacher for any child, particularly one with learning and social difficulties.

Best Wishes,


Great to meet you at Bluescamp over the weekend. Great fun. Learnt loads.


Been practising the grooves you showed me - many thanks.

Watching you jamming with Dino Baptiste on boogie-woogie piano on Saturday was just awesome. Just awesome. You say you've never met or played together before? Pah! Hard to believe. You were well tight; well stunning. All I can say again is "Stunning!" Something I shall remember for a long time.


Anyway, good luck, Dave - nice to meet you...we may cross paths again! 


Chris Bruce (occasionally known as Styxlexia)

If you want to learn the easiest way to play drums, David is the man to teach you.


From the beginning of hitting those drums to the sophistication of off-beat 8th notes with open hi-hat round the kit, you won’t find a better drummer.


Bluescamp will show anyone with a desire to learn how to do it and do it well!


All the best 
Rowan Troy

Our son has attended lessons with Dave for over 5 years and it still remains the highlight of his week. He has become a really proficient drummer and plays in the school orchestra and brass band and also the church band. Dave ensures all the lessons are relevant, challenging and fun and we are thrilled with the results.


Jan McKeever

As a father of a profoundly deaf child who wanted to access music for the first time finding David was a godsend.

His professionalism , patients and teaching methods are second to none.


Mike Rickard

My son Ben had his first drum lesson with David when he was 8 years old. From that day he was inspired!  David manages to inject excitement and variety into his lessons making learning fun. Ben progressed quickly with David teaching him to be an all rounded drummer so that he can now confidently play along to any type of music on any stage with any band.


7 years on Ben is now looking to take his drumming to the next level and study at one of the top London music colleges.  It is David’s teaching that has enabled Ben to achieve this and he is very aware of how lucky he has been to find such an excellent teacher.


Thank you David.


Julie Mummery

David has been an inspiration; not only due to his excellent skills as a teacher, but through motivation and the ability to instill confidence.


Steve Lillywhite