The Drumsense teaching programme provides continuity for both the tutor and student. With a prepared plan of instruction, it can be tailored allowing each student to learn at their own pace. Using tried and tested formulas, the programme gives them the skills to perform, and understand the basic grooves needed to play in a band. It also creates confidence, and an awareness of other rhythms and musical styles. Rudiments (the mechanics or scales of drumming) are introduced slowly through the lessons and used in a more contemporary way.


David gives one hour, one to one tuition. During the lesson, time is spent on reading music, which if started from the beginning allows the student to develop their reading skills along with their playing ability. The Drumsense books 1 & 2 plus the Snare drum method, all come with a c.d of all the rhythm examples and styles they are learning to play. An introductory book, Music Reading for Drummers, is available helping to understand drum notation and note values.


In house recording is available, allowing the student to record themselves playing against a backing track. This helps with timekeeping, and understanding the drummer's role in playing with a band. The student can then take home their own c.d. Note - Recording is classified as an extra 1½ hour lesson.


Drumsense issue certificates for passes with books one and two. There are also 'in house certificates' issued through different stages of the books. Rewarding completed sections.

Rock School accredited grades are available. Each student will be assessed as to which grades will be of the most benefit to them.

General Information

Registered Drumsense tutors are a network of teachers that have technical support and regular tutorials from Colin Woolway the Drumsense founder, keeping us up-to-date with the technical side of the instrument. 'This is the only drumming organisation that has this'. Drumsense is also supported by two of the major Drum and Cymbal manufacturers in the world, acknowledging the quality of the programme.

The programme has a comprehensive and enjoyable play along programme, for each rhythmical style learnt. This allows the student to get used to playing in time, plus putting the styles into practice while playing with other instruments in a semi band situation. All tracks are played via a computer through headphones, therefore keeping volume down and allowing the student to concentrate on the track.

Lessons can also cover reggae and metal including double bass technique.

Other Drumsense benefits include being part of the drumming community, with updates on seminars and courses.

No equipment is needed. Everything is provided at the studio from sticks, to two top of the range Sonor Drum kits and Zildjian cymbals, enabling beginners to start immediately using professional equipment.